Look In!

fulfillmentNo amount of reward
Can drive you forward

No amount of money
Can drive you crazy

No amount of external stimuli
Can make you passionate

Because when it comes to
Achieving extraordinary things

It is your internal passion
That gets you the result beyond imagination

Blocks are not blocks then
They become the stepping stones

Challenges are not challenges then
They become the tool for learning

All you need to do is
Look in for passion and be unstoppable!


The essence of ‘ME’ time


I find it hard to survive if I don’t get my ‘me’ time in a day. I am not exaggerating anything but that’s how it is! I am not saying it only from a philosophical aspect, but from my personal experience. And I am sure there are many people like me who need ‘me’ time regularly to keep them alive, systematic and organized.

It’s not fair to generalize but I will just write down my experience here. I hope people will be able to relate to it.

Let’s start with how my life is when I am not able to take out ‘me’ time on a regular basis. I sleep very late generally after reaching to the stage when I am in no position to keep my eyes open. Last few hours before sleep are generally wasted/invested/consumed/utilized on digital gadgets and when my eyes cannot take it any more, I put them away and go to sleep.

My next day mornings usually start from where I left the last night. Checking mobile phones, staying in bed until I have just enough time left to reach office on time. Then skipping breakfast, getting ready quickly and rushing for office are usual signs. After reaching office, I get to the work, check and respond to mails, completing tasks that comes my way and the day ends normally without much thought and enthusiasm.

And I feel like rushing back to home as soon as the clock shows 6 pm. There is a gym just in front where I park my car and I daily think to start it from the next day but it never happens. I don’t keep a track of what I am eating, whether I am having good amount of water, whether I am having sufficient amount of nutrients..nothing. And I get back to home.

And then two biggest enemies i.e phone and laptop is pumped up and I start using it endlessly for reading articles/watching movies/checking Facebook/ or xyz reasons and by the time I check clock, it’s already past 10. And then suddenly I remember that I have to eat also. I get back to my gadgets after dinner and then stick to them until I fall asleep and the cycle goes on and on.

Let’s look at other side of the story as well. When I am getting my ‘me’ time regularly, I live a very good life. For me, this time could be working out in a gym, walking on the terrace, sitting in a park, reading a book in a library, lying down on bed alone in a room, sitting on a lounge with no one around. I get so much energy from ‘me’ time.

I sleep consciously before 11 so that I get up on time next day after completing full 8 hours of sleep. Before sleeping, I read books, write article [as I a m writing one now], make strategies and try to stay away from my gadgets as much as possible.

I usually start my mornings on a very fresh and motivated note by following a routine which includes going to gym, cold water bath, meditation, a perfect nutritional breakfast. And the amazing thing is that even after doing so many things, I am generally left with an hour before i should leave for office.

My office hours pass more productively, more healthy conversations/discussions with my colleagues, enthusiastic approach towards work and there is no hurry to go back home. And all day along, I stay very particular about what I am eating and to stay hydrated all the time.

Post office hours, I usually play badminton for an hour and then leave for home. Enjoy the drive back home. Bath again to release all the tension in the body and relax. Then some fixed time on my electronic gadgets but in a very controlled manner. I usually prefer to write or read just before my sleep.

The ‘me’ time gives me purpose and strength to live my life on my own terms, in the way I want to live it. The absence of ‘me’ time put my life on auto pilot mode. That’s why this ‘me’ time is very important to me.

I would love to hear out from you, if you have any interesting observation to make or your experiences regarding ‘me’ time.


Life is nothing but thoughts!


It is simply intriguing that how your thoughts can actually decide the course of your life. Thoughts are powerful and they impact all levels of your existence i.e. physical, emotional and spiritual. And more often than not, we don’t consciously control our thoughts and the outcome is that our uncontrolled thoughts and auto pilot mode start controlling our life. This is what led to disaster!

I have experienced both phases in my life where I am controlling my thoughts as well as where my thoughts are controlling my life and they are completely different if you try to break them down and see at a deeper level. In both the phases, the activities will remain same from bathing to eating to talking to working to playing but there will be a difference.

The difference between two phases is that when you control your thoughts, you experience each and every thing with your consciousness. And when it is other way around, you just do it at a superficial level and doesn’t connect and get involved. Also when we are conscious, every action of ours will be directed towards the nourishment of body, mind, heart and soul.

Life becomes much more fulfilling and rewarding when you live out of consciousness. Everything you do becomes a memorable experience for you. You will start to enjoy little things in life like taste of food, freshness of air, fragrance around you, the roads you travel, random conversations. When you become conscious, you start living your life in the best possible way. You control what thoughts should come to your mind, which of those should be nourished, which of those should be discarded.

The content that you consume be it personal interaction with someone, reading books, watching something, listening, seeing becomes the food for your thoughts and consciousness and it also develops your conscience. You should be extremely cautious about what you are feeding your brain with because what the computer geeks says that ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ is actually true.

The biggest problem is that it often becomes a chain reaction. Garbage content leads to garbage thoughts which will lead to unproductive habits and actions which will ultimately lead to again consuming garbage. But the good news is that it just takes one conscious effort over a small period of time to kill this chain reaction. The good part is also like a chain reaction. Good content leads to productive thoughts which will lead to good habits and actions which will ultimately lead to consuming more good content.

And once you have mastered the art of living each and every moment consciously, feeding yourself with good content, controlling your thinking, then no power can stop you from being successful. Because what you think is what you become.

Skills are important but thoughts are the foundation. Thoughts define who are you, how you take on life and challenges, what qualities you build in, how strong you become. It is thoughts that develops qualities like confidence, motivation, persistence, commitment, excellence and an internal belief that whatever you should do must be in the best interest for you.

Control your thoughts, Control your life!!

A kind of you


A kind of you,
With a kind of me,
Actually makes us a kind of,
That was never before,
That will never be after.

The way your lips wet my lips,
The way your hug melts me down,
The way your body electrifies my body,
It can be only be with,
A kind of you and a kind of me.

The way your aura excites me,
The way your presence ignites me,
The way your smile invites me,
And the way your beautiful eyes just hypnotize me,
I know it can only be you.

This is just a beginning,
I want many more years of us,
With our kind of moments,
With our kind of love,
Because it can be only be with a kind of you and a kind of me.

Are we alive in this world ?


Why don’t you see ?
You’ve got eyes
Yet you go blind
Letting all the beautiful things around to just pass by

 Why don’t you hear ?
You’ve got ears,
Yet you go deaf
And miss all the beautiful sounds around

 You walk in your own world
Your eyes doesn’t see what’s in the front
Front is always in background
And they only see the thoughts of mind

 You walk in your own world
Ignoring all the sounds around you
Your ears doesn’t hear the music around you
They only listen to what’s playing in your head

 You roam around contained in yourself
And you realize that you have a nose
Only when you come across very strong scent
And you miss those sweet light fragrances

 And you walk around like a deadly man
With all senses in inactive mode
With no connection to the environment around you
Because you’re so self absorbed

 Thoughts become so dominating on you
You sleep with thoughts
You eat with thoughts
You travel with thoughts

 And then you say
The world is not nice with you
People are mean
Life is boring

 Yes, when everyone is so self absorbed
The world doesn’t seem nice
People appears to be mean
Life looks so boring

 Come out of your thoughts
Give your brain time to rest
Exercise your senses once in a day at least
Be free of everything and smile